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Try to listen to what we're not saying.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm sorry,

If sorry can scream, my sorry for my best friend would be the loudest and the the biggest sorry ever.

Happy belated 20th birthday, love.

Aku lambat 8 hari sebab aku confident dengan gahnya yang birthday kau 15 ! And I was wrong, jangan kasi ayat dalam lagi, tak terdaya aku nak kena dah.

So I hope I made it up. Hope you're happy. Hope you get everything that you want. Hope you had fun on our 8th day. Hope you forgive me. Sebab kalau aku yang kena, kau dah lama mati. Haa. Thankyou man, for being my best-est-friend ! :)

Sayang kau lagi sekali. Mintak maaf berjuta kali.

PS : Harini 15th Oct, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Cepat ah pergi jabatan pendaftaran tukar tarikh lahir seperti yang kau nak buat haritu ! Haha, joking !

Friday, September 11, 2009


I like adore love wanna be her :)

Hayley crazey, M

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Glory,

Lupa. Tarikh 09/09/09 juga, adalah, tarikh keramat bagi aku dan seseorang :)

Maka, selamat ulangtahun. Segala ucapan sudah tersedia pagi tadi okay, kau jangan nak mintak banyak2. Haha. Sayang kau :)

Happy Anni, Mys

Its been a while,

Hello and goodbye :)

I miss Finland, so badly.
Thank God Krista called last 3 days, it was a big-ass released :D

Good to hear her voice and Alisa's.
The only thing that came out from our mouths were "OH MYYYY I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU" and for the rest 4minutes, I kept holding my tears back. They didn't cry, so why should I? (but i guess they cried, after I hung up), so I did.

We are family, for the rest of my whole fucking life. Mark my words :)

Crying, M

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why do you fly so fast?


Can I stay just, a little longer?

This makes me cry. I'll be leaving, in 2days. 2 days! 6weeks ain't enough for me. I just got new best-est friends I can't imagine I'll meet, new soulmates, now I have to go? Shoot me, twice, in the head.

Time flies. I do miss my parents, my sisters, my brothers, Pacat :) though.
Part of me is screaming wanting to stay, the other part says I wanna go home. This is, such a great phase of my life. A confusing one, too.

I'll be packing my bags, my things, my clothes tomorrow. And will spend the whole day with them, and just, being scared of what I've to face, the reality in Malaysia. New stress, new life, the beginning. School is over, now is the world. Life's a great teacher. I made mine great..so far.

As for the other happy phases I've had with, Adi Ridhwan Wan Hanafi, Happy Legal Birthday. And Muhd Firdaus Juhari, Happy 20th! Have a blast! Best wishes!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Legal,

Alright I promised SueSue that I'll write an effin long blog. So here we go.

Last 5days, me and Krista went to Suonenjoki (a very small town), Krista's ex's sister's house. The house is seriously in the middle of nowhere, very quiet though, I really like it. The "city" has only 7800 people in it, and I keep on wondering, why do they call it a city, by the way? I can't get it. And they call Siilinjärvi, with 20 000 people, a TOWN? Shoot me. (Alright I'm keeping this story short, because it's not that interesting..but I had fun with the family!) Super couple, cute kids.

The strawberry cityTold you, in the middle of nowhereKrista with Jakko and Helmi
JakkoHelmi. It means "pearl"
Okay fine, he forced me to -___-"

Alright, now the fun story starts. On Friday, July 24th, Krista, Heli, and myself took the train to Tampere (100times bigger than Suonenjoki. Big city) It took us about 4hours to get there. On the train..I met this one grandma. She was so nice. I was just sitting beside her, and asked Krista to tell her that she looks like a very nice grandmother. About 30minutes later, she came to us, with a bible on her hand..asked Krista to translate something from it. It was about the afterlife. Kiamat. She was holding my hands all the way, and said that she believes in it. I believe it, of course. I can barely describe that moment. It was, speechless. About 36years ago, she said she met Jesus, and from that moment, she was insanely devoted to her religion. She said she was fooling God, fooling life. That moment changed her.

Okay, penat dah berbahasa. Aku sepatutnya tidur dekat rumah makcik Krista, tapi rumah dia ada anjing, maka, aku bertukar arah. Tumpang rumah kakak Jussi, 2 orang kakak dia. For two nights. Once we got there, we had our lunch, and then, SHOPPING! :) :) :) :) Last week was the Flower Festival, which is again, an experience for me. Then walked with Jussi to her sisters' place. That night, we watched a spanish movie "Orponakoti" I guess, a horror movie. Very sad though. Then the clock strikes 12! We went straight to sleep.

"Happy birthday", itu sahaja aku mampu cakap kat diri aku. Maka, berjela-jela lah sms yang masuk ke dalam handphone aku. Number maxis pun sama. *terima kasih kerana mengingati rakan-rakan!* Maka, bertukarlah aku daripada remaja, ke alam dewasa. CEWAH! The best sms-es I got were from my sister, Sireen and a good friend of mine, Nadira. Thankyou. You guys carved tons of smiles on my face.

The day has come! 18 baby, legal 18. Tak terasa sangat besar pun. Rasa macam anak umi je lagi? Haha. We went to Särkänniemi, an ammusement park. (You can check the link at the end of this blog if you want to) I HAD FUN! Malas nak cerita, apa lagi orang buat dekat park park macam Genting tu, apa lagi, semua ride aku naik lah. Hehehe. Best birthday! (Well better than my past 5years birthdays)

Go Tampere!
The park.
Basicly, 30% of the city.And this too.Lapar.The Tampere Wheels.
Probably, the best doughnut in town!Dolphins, anyone?Part of the coaster ride.TrombiiiiSärkänniemi :)

The next day, head home. Sampai2 je, Minna Markus and Oona left to Minna's sister's house. So they left me and Krista home. Lepas Maghrib, tiba-tiba ada nak dekat 20 orang sampai rumah. What else? Birthday party. Hadiah banyak. All my friends came. Okay, I can't find words to describe what I feel. Speechless like, seriously. I had the greatest time, while I'm here. I made it great. He made it great. Thankyou, to everyone, for everything.

Thanks Minna, for the delicious birthday cake!
Birthday girl :) :)
What about, a birthday wish from The Times?
Or Bunkface, is that better?

*Thanks Kechek and his Girlfriend Iera, for these awesomenessssss. I can't ask for more.*

I had fun. Thanks Umi. Thanks Abah! Love you.
And btw, this is the link :

Birthday girl, Maisara

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cassandra's Dream,

Baru tengok cerita lakonan Colin Farrell dan dia memang...memang...memang..*speechless*

1) Jahat, tapi nak kenal.
2) Macam innocent tapi dalam waktu yang sama, agak liar.
3) Cara dia hisap rokok membuat aku jatuh melutut ke muka bumi.
4) Cara dia cakap, loghat bahasanya, membuat aku senyum sorang-sorang.
5) Dia tak patut clean and steady, dia patut simple ganas.
6) Mata, kening dan mulut beliau seakan-akan Muhamed Faisal (ehem)

p/s : Pacat, tolong jangan perasan. Hehe.

The oh-so-in-love-with-ColinFarrell, Maisara